GDWC pulls global game community to Finland

Global Game Development World Championship 2017 (GDWC 2017) is the world’s largest competition for game developers. It’s home base is in Finland and it strengthens the Finnish ecosystem of gaming companies, developers and investors. The competition, supported by Finpro along with other Finnish partners, believes in the strength of new game developers.

Game Development World Championship 2017 (GDWC 2017) helps Finland to become one of the hotspots of the global gaming industry. The championship has been held previously in 2012, 2013 and 2016. With over 800 participating games in 2016, the competition has become a community for tens of thousands of game developers worldwide.

“Game industry is a growing part of the society,” says Hanna Marttinen-Deakins, Head of ICT Industry at Finpro. “Nowadays, gaming is not only about entertainment, as games serve also the likes of education, tourism and trauma care. The GDWC further strengthens the Finnish gaming ecosystem, increases the interest of global investors towards Finnish companies as well as enhances the general image of Finland internationally.”

An opportunity well fit for newcomers

An easy opportunity to gain visibility and does not cost a penny; the attractiveness of the GDWC for emerging game developers is quite a no-brainer.

Besides, the competition criteria is not exactly from the strictest end of the spectrum. For instance, the submitted games can be in any phase of development, as long as there is at least a playable prototype. Meanwhile, even physical game forms like board games are welcomed.

“For us, the ultimate goal is to support all game developers, whether they are students or experienced game geeks,” says Leevi Rasila from the GDWC. “Thus, we want to keep the championship as open as possible for all interested developers. This year, the main prize is a journey to Finland and Sweden in the turn of November and December. During the journey, the finalists will have a chance to meet up with some of the best professionals in the global gaming industry.”

The GDWC 2017 has a threefold structure. There are two main categories, one for professional game developers and another for students and hobbyists.

In addition, GDWC 2017 offers a bonus category for games that promote Finland as a travel destination. The bonus stage has been planned in cooperation with Finpro’s Visit Finland. The games in the Finland category should contain elements from the likes of Finnish culture, tradition or nature.

The registration for GDWC 2017 takes place in The deadline for applications is September 30, 2017.

GDWC is looking for global and local partners and sponsors. For further information: CEO Mika Lackman, / +358 500 137 884.

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