Goodbye to data roaming issues

UROS wants to provide all travellers with global mobile connectivity and solve unexpected roaming issues – not only for end users but for telecom operators as well.

Founded in 2011, UROS is a telecom services company offering global connectivity via the eSIM ecosystem for both static and roaming devices.

In 2016, the company took a giant leap, increasing their turnover by 1,200% from €3,5 million to €43 million.

“It has been vital for the company to think globally from the very beginning. When resources are limited, it pays off to research and carefully choose which areas to focus on.”, states CEO Jerry Raatikainen.

Building a global network

With the Goodspeed 4G Mobile Hotspot and supported smartphones with Goodspeed Roaming App users can go online at a fixed price in over 100 countries across Europe, United States, Canada, Latin America, Russia, Asia, Australia and Africa. The service is provided in co-operation with a network of mobile operators, altogether 60 operators globally. One of the biggest strategic partnerships is with China Telecom Global.

UROS has always aimed at being a global company. Majority of their turnover comes from exports, particularly with Asia and China as its biggest markets. In addition to its headquarters in Finland, UROS has international offices in Luxembourg, Switzerland, Germany, USA, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and India.

“During 2016, we have attended about ten events, and some of them in collaboration with Finpro. China has proven to be a successful destination and further delegation trips are taking place in Mexico. All help has always been – and still is – highly appreciated and we have been very pleased with working with Finpro.”, says Raatikainen.

New markets, new solutions

UROS was awarded the best e-SIM Provisioning Provider title at the MVNO Awards 2017 in Nice this April for its Goodspeed Roaming e-SIM and App – the newest innovation in the Goodspeed product family.

The two founders behind UROS had a clear vision for the company early on. According to Raatikainen, UROS has been accurately following the original business plan created in 2011. Raatikainen finds Africa as a potential market especially interesting as their use of data services will only continue to increase.

UROS has a reputation of being trustworthy among the industry, and is an associate member of the GSM Association, an organisation that represents the interests of operators around the world. In general, Finnish companies are globally considered being highly skilled, innovative and reliable partners.

For UROS, the future looks promising. “We will continue to grow and move forward, always looking for the big fish.”, Jerry Raatikainen reveals.

Connectivity from Finland 

  • UROS is a member of Finpro’s growth program titled ‘Connectivity from Finland’, which unites connectivity experts from across Finland under the same mission of delivering innovative solutions and value adding digital services for operators. 
  • The program supports the Finnish connectivity industry’s international growth and helps companies access global business opportunities in select target markets.
  • For more information, please go to: Connectivity from Finland
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