Recap: The Finns taking industrie 4.0 at Hannover Messe

Hannover Messe – it is mainly an industrial technology event. Plenty of different machines, robots as well as event bolts and hydraulic cylinders took over the massive halls at the venue in Hannover. The main topics were of course automation, process optimization and other traditional industrie 4.0 themes, but digitalization and IoT were strongly present as well.

Last year the main visitor was Barack Obama, this year it was Angela Merkel. She actually came to the same hall as Finland Pavilion, but visited just the stand of the German industrial robotic company KUKA. Well, maybe next year at out pavilion.

Speaking of KUKA, when going around the halls, if there was a robot hand on a stand; it was 90 % of the time made by KUKA. Besides, it was apparent that robotic technologies evolve year on year with amazing implementations this year with the likes of drumming robots.

However, for the Finland pavilion, the brightest shine came in the form of digitalization. Finnish companies illustrated a comprehensive offering for the whole digital value chain, providing solutions that take German industrial players beyond industry 4.0. They showed what can be done with true connectivity, secure remote machine maintenance, AR solutions for training and interactive visualization of data for real insight.

Of course, there were big players such as SAP talking about digitalization, using big data etc. but it was great to notice that the joint Finnish offering was something more.

A great example of this is the short listing of Augumenta for the Hermes Award, one of the world’s most well-known technology prizes, awarded annually by Deutsche Messe AG during Hannover Messe.

But it was not only industry players that set their feet at Hannover Messe. For example, the Finland Pavilion was visited by a representative of the Hannover area consortium of health industry companies, consisting of both health technology providers and other health providers. Their interest, in particular, was what Finnish technology experts can offer in relation to health.

This is a great example of cross industry opportunities that IoT offers. Not just industrial players can benefit from IoT.

In this regard, Bittium demonstrated their sensor technology and ways to utilize data analysis in diagnoses. Similarly, Wirepas showed how digital solutions are suitable for asset tracking, which is vital in health facilities.

Finns are known in Germany for their technology expertise. There is an immense opportunity for Finnish companies, especially in the German SME sector. For instance, a group of Finnish participants visited the stand of Baden-Württemberg during the event to mutually share ideas and display solutions. As the benefits for both sides were clear, in all the likelihood more will follow.

”German market is one of our most significant target markets,” comments Raimo Puro, the CEO of Delfoi. “The potential for Finns is huge. It definitely does not hurt us that in general Germans hold Finnish technology in high regard. Meanwhile, exhibitions like Hannover Messe are crucial for building success in the country, as they bring together all the key players in the industry.“

Germany needs us Finns, the technology experts and innovators. The autobahn is open!

The delegation at Hannover Messe included the following companies: Distence, TreLab, Wapice, Augumenta, Delfoi, Enersense, CS Control Software, Creoir, Bittium, Wirepas and Tosibox as well as digitalization hub Analytics+, IoT platform SuperIoT and Smart Machines and Manufacturing Competence Centre SMACC.

Some drumming? Robots can do it.
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